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Compositional Strategies in Electroacoustic Music (Rodrigo Sigal)



Generating materials and creating an effective musical language in electroacoustic music

This thesis aims to discuss compositional strategies. The pieces were to explore ways of creating relationships between musical materials of differing natures. Structuring methods are outlined using examples from two acousmatic and three mixed works. Analyses from a macro- and micro-perspective aid in describing the principal elements of musical discourse and the personal methods of achieving musical coherence. Three stages of the compositional process are defined and discussed, forming a framework within which the computer transformations and instrumental sources are described. The first stage consists of the generation of material and the qualifying of the sounds as the basis for initial musical relationships. Then the structuring of the musical discourse is discussed, highlighting links at macro and microstructural levels. Finally, issues of performance are discussed. Feedback from the performer and the design of a common synchronization method for the three pieces drives the structural design of the works. Musical material and the visual information during performance are investigated, and consideration is given to their implications throughout the compositional process.

Compositional Strategies in Electroacoustic Music (Rodrigo Sigal)


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